moving mountains for liberty

Your rights come from God / Nature. Defending your rights is a religious activity. Defend religious freedom for everyone. Protecting your health is a religious activity. Build upon your faith, and make it stronger. Engage in pure religion with your community. Marriage under God, not government.

“pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction.”

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Mount Zerin Creed & Form of Worship

The International Order of Mount Zerin has a simple set of official, shared beliefs. While they change from time to time, the core principles we value do not change.

Ecclesiastical Government

The International Order of Mount Zerin is governed by an educated board of Ordained Ministers.

History of Mount Zerin

Mount Zerin has a rich history. While not yet available, our ordained ministers are working on publishing this history for others to read and learn from.

BeCOME A member OF

You can apply to become a member of the International Order of Mount Zerin, at various levels, if you share in your heart our religious Creed.

Become an Honorary Minister

Take a ministerial education course or apply to be an ordained minister.

Mount Zerin Member Education Online School

Members of the Order of Mount Zerin believe in being educated and informed. We are working to provide resources to assist our members in this effort so they may build God's kingdom as they best see fit with the most knowledge that they can obtain.

United on Correct Principles

Many people are involved in the work of building up God’s kingdom, from many different backgrounds, in the way they understand it. We are not here to replace your existing faith, but to enhance whatever you have by helping you live more free so that you can exercise your religious beliefs more freely while also defending others’ rights to believe the way they do. Join others who have taken the faith they have, from various backgrounds, and decided to improve how they live that faith in practice every day.

Statement of Beliefs (SUMMARY ONLY)

  1. We believe in magnifying the doctrine of pure religion as taught by the Apostle James.
  2. We believe in truth, wherever it is found, and that when seeking truth we are adding to existing knowledge.
  3. We believe that new or clarified truths do not conflict with any true interpretation of the various religions of the world that also seek truth.
  4. We believe in honoring for all human-creations and religions the right to practice their faith, and that laws should protect religious freedom to remain legitimate.
  5. When others exercise their right to their belief, we should be glad, even if they’re different than us.
  6. We believe in following the laws of the land, so long as they do not violate the rights of the people.
  7. We believe the US constitution and Bill of Rights, originally understood, is divinely inspired and does not violate the rights of the people and should be upheld. Following the tradition of the Founding Fathers, freedom belongs to those of all faiths.
  8. We believe it is the duty of God’s children to understand the laws of their land, and to know what true morality in law is, based on the revealed/observed laws of nature.
  9. We believe it is immoral to knowingly assist others who are not upholding the highest law of the land, under the conditions that the highest law of the land is designed to uphold the natural rights of the people.
  10. We believe it is an offense to God to allow other people to cover your face against your will, and covering your face must always be a personal decision between a single human-creation and their God, and face coverings worn only because of irrational fear or a new cultural tradition is a sin.
  11. We believe that God gave His children an immune system, and provided natural remedies for anyone to heal the root causes of disease. We recognize that climate (seasons) plays a role in health. We observe naturally and clearly that vaccination is one of the worst sins against the body, and violates all religious health codes that teach us not to harm our bodies.
  12. We believe the methods for any human-creation healing their body is always a personal decision between that human-creation and their God and must never be done through force or fraud.
  13. We believe that privacy is a fundamental right of all human-creations, only God has a right to know all things about all people. Violation of this reduces one’s ability to spiritually progress using their divine gift of agency. Personal and medical privacy are sacred for God’s children.
  14. We believe that all the work we do for God is meaningless if we don’t have genuine charity towards all mankind.
  15. We support the unity of all people and religions in the spirit of defending each other’s right to believe differently and to be distinct, while emphasizing that we reject the one-world-religion movement that seeks to unify all religions under one common interfaith body.

The Ministry and the Order of Mount Zerin

The Ministry of Mount Zerin refers to the work that our ministers and members do each day to build a world worthy of acceptance by God.

The Order of Mount Zerin refers to the members who join in a brotherhood or sisterhood of individuals seeking to do good works for the world on behalf of the divine creator.