You can apply to become a member of the International Order of Mount Zerin if you share in your heart our religious Creed. There is no requirement to be a part of any other religious organization nor to cut ties with any other religious organization you’re currently a part of. Our beliefs are simple and are not known to us to conflict with any official religious doctrine of other faiths. We believe that people from all religious backgrounds can work together to accomplish the work of God and defend each other’s right to religious freedom.

Membership types

  • Basic Member (member with no web account)
  • Full Member (general member signed up on this website)
  • Honorary Minister (On path to become a minister)
  • Graduated Minister (Completed education track for ministers)
  • Ordained Minister (Generally Graduated and then Ordained, with certificate, to act as a minister on behalf of the ministry as assigned)

Anyone may apply to become an honorary minister by applying to go through our education program.

Graduated ministers have completed their education to the satisfaction of the executive director.

Becoming an Ordained minister requires first becoming an honorary minister, in addition to other requirements as determined by Mount Zerin Ministries.

Member Life and Support Services

As a full member or minister of any level, we will provide support to you if you ever want a 3rd party to verify you are a member of Mount Zerin. You may also request an identification card that is verifiable by the central Mount Zerin Ministries organization.

As a member of Mount Zerin Ministries you become a part of the International Order of Mount Zerin, which is a private membership organization. The “Order” may generally refer to this membership. The “Ministry” generally refers to the service and good works that the ministers and members of the order engage in, in their daily lives.

You may be invited to engage in private associations with other members as you choose. Many of our members choose to offer private services and associate with other members of the order because they want to associate with like minded individuals who share a common understanding of defending each other’s right to believe according to the dictates of their own conscience.


Members may or may not choose to give one time or recurring tax deductible donations to Mount Zerin Ministries. Mount Zerin Ministries is an unregistered, organized, private free-church under God, which is acknowledged under IRS Code Section 508.  The Mount Zerin Ministries board of directors directs the use of resources of the ministry and volunteer time of the ministers and members. Donations become the property of Mount Zerin Ministries to be used in accordance with the mission of the ministry.