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Nothing on this website is intended as, nor should be taken to be, legal advice.
What is a common-law marriage?

“A common law marriage is a legally recognized marriage between two people who have not purchased a marriage license…” – National Conference of State Legislators

Some states explicitly mention them in state laws with varying details, while others don’t. But regardless they are legal and lawful under the natural and constitutionally guaranteed right to enter into private contracts.

At Mount Zerin Ministries, we help couples modify their paperwork to document their marriage and bind their commitment to one another under God’s jurisdiction (instead of the government’s), or whichever jurisdiction that you believe in (God, Nature, etc). We assist in writing a formal contract and taking unique steps to document it as legal and lawful, recognizable to any inquiring party. This process also ensures that the state is not involved as a party to your marriage contract itself (unlike with a “license”).

Our documentation process begins at the county level and goes as far as having an international seal of recognition by other countries.

Many of our members choose to do this because of deeply held beliefs that marriage is ordained of God and not of government. Ancient Jewish tradition that goes back thousands of years uses a very similar process. They call the marriage contract document a Ketubah.

Included with our services:

  • Multiple original copies (Apostille, Notarized, Witnesses, Digital)
  • International Registration Costs
  • County Registration Costs
  • Personalized Contract Creation Assistance
  • Ceremony Program Assistance
  • Notary Services
  • Third-Party Marriage Verification (for Full Members of Mount Zerin Ministries)
  • Optional Lifetime Document Storage (for Full Members of Mount Zerin Ministries)

Full done-for-you service costs $749. All of the above are covered in this one-time fee.
Or you can take a class where we teach you how to do it all yourself (you cover all your own costs).  These classes are generally covered by a $50 fee (whenever classes are available).

Here are more reasons for a documented common-law marriage:
  • Nullify the marriage license.
    • Marriage licenses are a relatively new invention, historically speaking.  It is strictly a governmental invention that became prevalent in the United States only in the early 1900s and has no basis in the holy writings of any faith that we have ever heard of.  Previously, marriage was a private affair; an agreement between families that didn’t require government approval. Unfortunately, the idea that government must grant you permission to marry has been perpetuated in society and a contract with the state is now signed by most couples.
    • A license by definition, confers a right to do something that would otherwise be illegal.  If having a marriage license is the only way to get married, then how in the world have people been getting married illegally for thousands of years and getting away with it before licenses finally came into existence? Clearly, you do not need a government license to have a legal and lawful marriage in this world.
  • If you believe marriage is ordained of God, then your actions can line up with this belief.
    • Why would one need the government’s permission to participate in something that God instituted?
      “And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.”
      (Genesis 2:18)
  • You are not asking the government for permission to get married.
    • The State will not be a third party in your marriage contract.
  • Declare your name change without a court order.
    • Your marriage contract will make a legal and lawful declaration of your name change.
  • Third party verification.
    • In addition to the legal documentation you will have, we will provide 3rd party verification of all marriages we assist with.
  • We will store extra copies of your marriage documentation in our vaults.
  • Carry on the Ketubah tradition.
    • In Jewish tradition, proudly display your Ketubah (marriage contract) in your home for all to witness.
      Your Mount Zerin Ministries Ketubah on display
  • Does the LDS church, recognize Common-law marriages?
    • The LDS church requires a civil marriage to be “legal and lawful”. All common-law marriages we have been involved with, where a temple sealing was requested, have been recognized as legal and lawful.
    • The LDS website, FamilySearch says the following about common-law marriages:
      FamilySearch Common Law Definition

    • You’ll notice that this definition acknowledges common-law marriages, having never had any formal ceremonies at all, as sometimes legal and lawful.  In our case, we will go two steps above this, and help you have a ceremony and provide the proper documentation so you can always show your marriage is legal and lawful.
  • Under the Constitution, no government power can interfere in your private contract.
    • When private contracts create relationships between individuals or entities, it creates a private relationship that legislation is constitutionally forbidden from interfering with. This private relationship is foreign to the state’s public jurisdiction. This article discusses the constitutional power of private contracts.  It is the fundamental principle that makes trusts possible, which is a long proven method for protecting property from inappropriate external interference.
    • Once a private trust is created by contract, that trust can hold any kind of property or entity within its private boundaries. Similarly, when you create a common-law marriage using private contracts, you have created such a private domain, where the couple is contracted to each other under God, and the state is not a party to the contract.  All sons and daughters or “chattel property” created by the parents under the jurisdiction of the covenant made with God, is protected under this private contract. No permission was ever asked from the government for this marriage to exist, it can lawfully rest in having private claim to all property within it. 
  • Parens patriae – A state marriage strengthens a state’s claim if it tries to claim jurisdiction over the marriage and it’s property.
    • Parens patriae, Latin for “Parent of the People”, arguably can not apply to such a marriage created under the jurisdiction of a covenant with God, but can be argued to apply to a state-licensed marriage.
    • Wikipedia: Parens Patriae
    • Cornell Law: Parens Patriae
    • This is the fundamental principle upon which the state claims they can intervene into your children’s lives, overruling parental rights.
    • Parens patriae, along with all government regulations in general, should only apply to when you have willingly submitted to the public jurisdiction which made those regulations.

What if we are already married with a state license?

It is not too late! While it may be somewhat complicated depending on your family’s situation, it is possible to divorce your state license and renew your vows by signing a common-law contract.

Yes, it would require a formal, uncontested divorce. This way, your contract with the state will be broken and formally cut off. You then “renew your vows” and get re-married with this process. While it may seem difficult to navigate the state’s enforcement of “splitting assets and children”, you are in a better position than newlyweds! Nothing will need to change with your name, the bank, DMV, etc.

Nothing on this website is intended as, nor should be taken to be, legal advice.

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Email us with your interest, questions, and/or feedback. We will be offering live classes to teach you how to document your common-law marriage on your own, so stay tuned! You can also request one-on-one help for planning your wedding, what to do instead of officiating, writing the contract, a mobile notary, and more!