Whether you’d like to study with us for improving your own knowledge or begin the path to become an ordained minister, there are educational paths available.

Become an Ordained Minister

Please contact us with as many details as possible regarding your interest and we’ll answer your questions and get you started as appropriate.

Religious Freedom Basics

These classes will help you understand the fundamentals of liberty. Just like before calculus and algebra, you need to know your times tables, these are the basic principles before trying to restore the proper role of government to our nation.

12 lesson course on Liberty – Latter-day Conservative

Restoring the Founding Principles of the United States Constitution – Dr. Scott Bradley

Liberty Bootcamp – Free six-part course

Lawfully upholding the Constitution at the Local Level – Two Part Class



Educational Principles

We are interested in showcasing alternative approaches that use good principles of education. Feel free to contact us with more submissions.