The Ministry and the Order of Mount Zerin

The Ministry of Mount Zerin refers to the work that our ministers and members do each day to build a kingdom worthy of acceptance by their God.

The Order of Mount Zerin refers to the members who join in a brotherhood or sisterhood of individuals seeking to do good works for the kingdom of the divine creator.

We are not here to replace your existing faith, but to enhance whatever you have by helping you live more free so that you can exercise your religious beliefs more freely while also defending others’ rights to believe the way they do.

Mount Zerin Ministries has a long and rich history, however it was formally organized into a private lawful entity in modern days on January 1st, 2021 as an unregistered, organized, private member association ministry; a lawfully recognized Free Church under God.

Please read our Statement of Beliefs and Frequently Asked Questions for more details.